Josh Poppe

colville outfitters
Salmon and steelhead fishing for 20 years in NE Oregon on snake river and Columbia River tributaries. I’ve fished from north and south Idaho to most all of Oregon and some hot spots in southern Washington. I grew up drift fishing small/medium rivers until I took up float fishing in 2008. Now I float fish 99% of the time except when structure and flows call for a different approach. I always float fished with a casting reel, it’s way more effective at long drift mending and hooksets than a spinning reel. I’ve never seen a centerpin on any of the waters I fish until I started pinning after I saw a friend use one in 2016. I instantly fell in love with pins. I saw right away the benefits and down sides and quickly decided that was it for me, it just looked so fun but also challenging. I heard through a grapevine that Danny Colville was a great guy and could help me in deciding what I wanted and needed to get me rocking a sweet set up that would be amazing to look at and most importantly easy to use, maintain, and catch with day in day out on my rivers forever. I contacted Danny on the phone and we talked for over an hour about how and where I fish and he got me set up with an amazing CPR in no time flat. I really loved the textured rim when I was hooking fish in the rain and when catching is red hot, a little leftover slime was no problem for casting, trotting, hooksets, or fighting the fish. Favorite approach: Floating skein or beads and or drifting skein or beads. The tug is the drug.