Danny Colville

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Danny Colville has been living and breathing fishing since he was old enough to hold a fishing rod. Born and Raised in New Jersey, Danny Spent the early years of his life riding his bike or hitching a ride with other fishermen to the Jetties and beaches of the Jersey shore. Between the Rivers, Bays and beaches Danny spent every chance he could targeting stripped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Weakfish and Blackfish. Growing up in a time where the Mom and Pop fishing stores were very common, Danny would spend countless hours hanging out with members of the Asbury Park fishing club and the Regular shop bums that lived locally along the shore. When he was a Sophmore in highschool Danny had moved to Western New York, where he could put his passion into a new type of fishing, Migratory Salmomids. With the little experience he had from visiting the area previously, he started chasing Steelhead, Salmon and Lake trout using conventional tackle.