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Danny Colville has been living and breathing fishing since he was old enough to hold a fishing rod. Born and Raised in New Jersey, Danny Spent the early years of his life riding his bike or hitching a ride with other fishermen to the Jetties and beaches of the Jersey shore. Between the Rivers, Bays and beaches Danny spent every chance he could targeting stripped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Weakfish and Blackfish. Growing up in a time where the Mom and Pop fishing stores were very common, Danny would spend countless hours hanging out with members of the Asbury Park fishing club and the Regular shop bums that lived locally along the shore. When he was a Sophmore in highschool Danny had moved to Western New York, where he could put his passion into a new type of fishing, Migratory Salmomids. With the little experience he had from visiting the area previously, he started chasing Steelhead, Salmon and Lake trout using conventional tackle. Spoons, spinners, and bottom bouncing a variety of store bought bait was how he would start. Luckily when Danny was 16, he was catching countless steelhead float fishing with a spinning reel. One day he met a guy on his local creek that was centerpin fishing. Although his current techniques worked so well, Danny decided he would try to learn how to use a centerpin. In the Winter of 1998 his father purchased him an Adcock Stanton and a G. Loomis Canada 1562 IMX. At the time the Adcock Stanton was a world renound float reel and the IMX is still to this Day one of the most sought after float rods ever made. With the right equipment and a growing addiction to centerpin fishing, Danny Spent 6-7 days fishing. When he wasn’t in school or fishing, he would tie jigs. He fished mostly all artificial baits for the first couple years and than discovered the effectiveness of other presentations. Danny kept a journal of every day spent on the water and began to learn all of the migration patterns for these incredible steelhead and Salmon. The fishing was so good in the early 2000s, he began to look for an alternate way to target the fish he was so fond of. He first started bringing a fly rod packed in his vest and would throw typical streamers in bigger water. Eventually this would lead to him spey fishing and than converting to a switch rod that was more suited for the waterways he fished. With the fishing already peaking out near 2010 and the compitition of better anglers growing Danny picked the centerpin rig back up and let the fly rods collect dust. He still fly fishes a few times a year but his love now a day’s is using the centerpin for steelhead or a heavy duty low profile baitcaster with lures or skein for Chinook Salmon. During Danny’s centerpin craze he traveled all over the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest in Search of the fish he loved. His favorite place to fish is the Olympic Peninsula or the Deschutes River for steelhead. His favorite place to Target silver/coho and Chinook Salmon is the Rivers and Streams of Alaska. During his trips to BC, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, he had time to test out another project that he had started, Rod and Reel Building. Danny wanted to Fish for Inland Trout during the summers when there were not any steelhead in his local creeks but there were no rods and reels available for this style of fishing. Danny began to build rods while living in his father’s basement and worked together with Adam Ibbotson, maker of the famous ABI Xtreme, to make a 3″ centerpin. This craze began to shape Danny’s career path. He doesn’t get to fish 7 days a week anymore but Danny owns one of the best Centerpin shops in the Country. Colville Outfitters and Custom Tackle.